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40-30-20 Fully Lengthened TRX Workout

Welcome to TRX Tuesday my friends! Today I have a a great 40-30-20 TRX Workout for you to try out! It involves 5 exercises, and all you need is your own body weight and a TRX Strap. All of the exercises will be completed with the TRX Straps Fully Lengthened. You will complete each exercise… Continue reading 40-30-20 Fully Lengthened TRX Workout


15 Minute Full Body TRX Workout (v.1)

This is a great Full Body TRX Workout to be done in 15 minutes! I used this in my first TRX class and combined it with 3 other rounds for a complete hour workout! The other rounds will be posted to the blog soon for you to check out! All you need for this round… Continue reading 15 Minute Full Body TRX Workout (v.1)

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My Go-To TRX Warm-Up

One of my goals for 2019 was to become a TRX Coach. Last week I completed the TRX Suspension Training course, and I am now teaching a TRX class once a week. I love the functional fitness a TRX workout provides, and even better is that it can be adapted for all ages and fitness… Continue reading My Go-To TRX Warm-Up