About Me

42826147_10155462019371503_332992654159642624_n (2)Thank you for stopping by Veggie Monster Girl! I’m Kacee, a 26 year old small-town  girl from Ohio! By day I am powered by coffee and tea and work as an IT professional. During my free time, I enjoy working out, cooking, traveling, reading, gardening, attempting to golf, wine tasting, and spending time with my friends, family and loving husband, Andy.

Growing up my dad was the cook of our family. He was excellent at experimenting in the kitchen or on the grill. Also, like many small-town athletes, I was a 3 sport athlete year-round. I had such a passion for competing and being part of a team and when I wasn’t on the court for practice, I enjoyed being in the gym learning more about lifting.

After high school, I struggled to find my passion in fitness outside of a competitive sporting event environment. I would frequently start a new routine and couldn’t stick to it in college. I started running half marathons with my friend just to have a goal to work towards; however, it still was not something I was passionate about. I finally found my niche after college in HIIT Group Exercise Classes and the occasional Yoga class. As I became more passionate about exercise, I became more curious about the foods I was putting in my body and more recently the products I was putting on my body and using around the house.

While I could research healthy habits for hours,  Andy doesn’t quite share the same passions for health and fitness. He enjoys playing golf, watching hockey (Columbus Blue Jackets specifically) traveling, hanging with friends, and he absolutely hates fruits and veggies. 


While this was something that, at first, was foreign to me, I have accepted it as a challenge to be more creative in the kitchen and find ways to get veggies in him in a form that he will enjoy!

While that alone is a challenge, I decided to start this blog as I find myself at times getting stuck in endless routines with meals, exercise and more. While consistency can be good, my goal with the blog is to use it as a creative outlet and hold myself accountable to living life to the fullest, experience new things, and document it as I go along. While I will focus frequently on health and fitness, it truly will be a hodgepodge of things going on in my life.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional. I am simply using this blog to share my life and am not recommending my meals or exercises as guidelines for what may work best for you. You may also see links to various products that I am affiliated with. If you purchase through my link, I may receive a small commission; however, this does not impact the price. I believe in only offering affiliate links on my site for items that I personally love and use on a daily basis.

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