Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday – March Edition

Hi Friends! Can you believe that it is March already? I am anxiously awaiting warmer days and seeing the sun a bit more!

For February being the shortest month, it seemed to be jam packed with traveling for both Andy and myself. We headed to our Alma Matter, Ohio University, to do some recruiting for a couple of days. After that Andy headed to San Antonio for a week, and the following week I was off to New Orleans. While we had fun, we are happy to be back to normal for a couple of weeks and spending our week nights together once again!

March is a bit slower, but we still have some exciting things on the calendar ranging from plans with friends and family to traveling to Las Vegas over St. Patrick’s Day!

On to my March Favorites!

March Favorite Tea: Sweet Tangerine Yogi Tea

Sweet Tangerine Yogi Tea has been my go-to afternoon tea this month. In the winter months, I find myself gravitating towards the teas that have more of a rich and cinnamon base, but as my hopes for warm weather grow, I am transitioning to the fruitier teas! 🙂

Favorite March Food: Skinny Dipped Almonds and Beignets

I have been seeing these Skinny Dipped Almonds over my Instagram feed for a while now, and I finally picked up a bag to see what all the hype was about. I will tell you, they did not disappoint! They were SO good that I struggled to put down the bag. They gave Oreos a run for their money, and if you know me at all, that is a bold statement! 

I have tried both the Dark Chocolate Cocoa and the Espresso Dark Chocolate and loved them both! 

Also, while I was in New Orleans for work, I had the chance to try my first Beignet at Cafe Du Monde. When they gave me four with my order, I was convinced I would only have one of them. Next thing I know they were all gone… whoops! 

Favorite March Experience: Dinner at Emeril’s New Orleans

I also had the opportunity to eat at Emeril’s in New Orleans, which was some of the best food I have had to date. My co-worker knew the manger there, and he got us a table in the kitchen, where we then went through an 8 course tasting!

We tried various breads, clam chowder, lobster rolls, scallops, beef and pea pasta, lamb, and 6 different desserts. Yes, you read that right…6!

It was such a fun experience, and I really enjoyed watching the workers in the kitchen. From the chefs to the waiters to the dish washers, each and everyone of them were working their tails off to provide the best experience to their guests. I gained a whole new appreciation for the service industry watching how hard they worked!

Favorite March Fitness Equipment: TRX Wall Ball

I guess I will finish my list of favorites with something fitness related since 90% of my post has been about food! 🙂

I am so excited about my newest addition to our home gym equipment – a TRX Wall Ball! While I frequently use it at the workout classes I attend, I wanted my own for my home workouts and to practice moves for the classes I am teaching! I will be sharing some fun workouts using the Wall Ball as well!

That is a wrap for this month! I would love to hear some of your recent favorites or any fun plans you have for March!

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