15 Minute Full Body TRX Workout (v.1)

This is a great Full Body TRX Workout to be done in 15 minutes! I used this in my first TRX class and combined it with 3 other rounds for a complete hour workout! The other rounds will be posted to the blog soon for you to check out!

All you need for this round is your TRX. If your gym doesn’t have one, I have the Home Trainer2, which I love!

This round will keep your straps at mid-length the whole time through. You will complete each exercise for 30 seconds with a quick 10 second rest between,mainly meant for transition.

Once you complete all exercises the first time, you will start from the bottom exercise and work your way back up for the second set.

As always, make sure you warm-up appropriately. Here is a great TRX Warm-up if you need some inspiration 🙂

Bicep Curl x 30 Seconds

Facing your anchor, hold the straps with palms up. You arms should be at shoulder height. Move into a bicep curl keep your elbow at the same height and your hands should be by your eyebrows when you complete your full curl.

Keep your core tight and take your full body with you on each curl!

Adjust your angle to make it harder or easier or change you stance. The closer your legs the harder it gets. If you need to take the intensity down stagger your feet!

Jump Squats x 30 Seconds

Continue to face your anchor. Keep your weight in your heels and perform a squat. Explode out of your squat into a jump and come back down and land softly on your feet.

Make sure the weight stays in your legs and not the straps. Keep your chest high and continue to look at your anchor point!

Modifications to adjust your intensity level include completing a squat without the jump or complete a squat and come up on your toes with the jump.

Tricep Press x 30 Seconds

Face away from your anchor and extend your arms out ot shoulder height. Your palms should be facing away from your anchor as well. Lower into a triceps press keep your elbows at ear height.

Intensity modifications are similar to the bicep curl with adjusting your angle and/or stance.

Reverse Lunge x 30 Seconds

Turn around to face your anchor again. Hold your straps and complete a reverse lunge. As you bring your foot forward jump on the leg that is planted on the ground!

Continue for the 30 seconds on one side and then switch to the other.

To challenge yourself keep your leg in the air through the entire lunge. To modify to a lower intensity remove the jump and drive your knee up.

I Fly To Y Fly x 30 Seconds

Continue to face your anchor. With your arms straight in front of you, keep them straight and lift them above your head into an I position. Return back and bring them out to Y. Continue to alternate between the two for the 30 seconds.

Adjust intensity with stance and angle.

Burpees x 30 seconds

For the last exercise, you will not need your straps, and all you will need is your body weight. Get into those beloved burpees for thirty seconds.

If you need to modify the intensity take it into a half burpee by not lowering all the way to the floor.

Once you complete the burpee for 30 seconds, take a 10 second rest and go into the burpee again to move up the exercise list one more time.

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