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My Go-To TRX Warm-Up

One of my goals for 2019 was to become a TRX Coach. Last week I completed the TRX Suspension Training course, and I am now teaching a TRX class once a week.

I love the functional fitness a TRX workout provides, and even better is that it can be adapted for all ages and fitness levels. A lot of my workouts that I will be posting will be focused towards using a TRX; however, I will provide modifications on how to do them if you do not have a TRX at times too!

Before you start any workout, it is important to complete a warm-up to slowly introduce your muscles and get them ready for a good workout. I wanted to share my Go-To TRX warm-up before I started to share more TRX workouts!

This warm-up was introduced to me at my TRX gym and I have adopted as needed. It can be completed in three to five minutes, and all it require is a TRX.

Start with your straps shortened and lets get into these 9 warm-up exercises!

Squat Rows

Facing your anchor, keep your feet flat on the floor with the weight in your heels. Hold the straps with your palms facing each other and lower into a squat. Now pushing through your heels, come back up to standing.

Now move into a row with your arms straight out. Keeping your arms at mid-torso, keep your elbow close and pull your arms in toward you. Keep your core engaged the whole time.

One Leg Forward Hinge

Step in toward your anchor, continuing to face it. Extend your arms toward the ground, keeping them straight. Raise one leg behind you. You should feel the stretch in your hamstring. Bring your leg down and send the other one back.

Side to Side Lunges

Step back out from your anchor, while facing it. Lower down into a low side lunge to the left and then shift over to the right. Continue to switch back and forth.

Hold Left Side Lunge

After about 30 seconds of doing the Side Lunges, hold it on the left and flex your right foot.

Hold Right Side Lunge

Transition back into the side lunge to hold; however, this time you should be holding on your right side with your left foot flexed.

Hinge Middle

Transition from the Side Lunge and move into a standing position with your legs spread wide. With your hands in the strap push forward to a widespread middle hinge. Remember to keep a flat back.

Active Lunges

Turn away from your anchor and lift your hands above your head. Begin to complete slow and controlled alternating front lunges. After 20 seconds or so pick up the pace and get your arms moving as well.

Bear Hugs

Finally, let go of your straps and hug it out with yourself. Get some good arm swings in as a final warm-up before you start your workout!

Now you are good to go! Be sure to check out my TRX Workout Page to get ideas for workouts you can complete after your warm-up 🙂

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