Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday #5

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Tea Tuesday of 2019!

Did anyone do anything exciting last night? Andy and I enjoyed a night in with just the two of us and binge watched Macgyver. It was a struggle for me to make it until midnight, and right when the ball dropped, I headed up to bed! Needless to say I like my sleep and New Year’s Eve isn’t my favorite Holiday!

I have a lot of exciting things planned for the blog in 2019, and I have decided Tea Tuesday will only be posted on the first Tuesday of each month! With that being said, lets get to it.

Featured Tea Product: Glass Tea Pot

I won’t lie, it wasn’t until recently that I learned there was a difference between a Tea Kettle and a Tea Pot. For Christmas, my aunt got me a Glass Tea Pot similar to this one. She also got me some Lavender Tea and Lavender Honey to go with it.

I normally make tea for myself in an individual cup, but this is perfect for the weekends, when I want a few cups of tea throughout the day or when I share tea with my co-workers at work! The office was pretty slow on Monday, so I took it in and my team and I enjoyed an afternoon tea party!

Favorite Listen: Up and Vanished Season 1

I go in phases with Podcasts, and right now I am on a binge once again. I have been switching it up between True Crime Podcasts, Health and Fitness, and Motivation. Right now my current obsession is Up and Vanished Season 1.

It covers the disappearance of Tara Grinstead from Georgia, who was know for being a beauty pageant contestant and teacher within her small hometown. She went missing in 2005, and her case was cold for over 10 years. Payne Lindsey then decides he wants to uncover this mystery and starts to dig more into the case.

Payne does a variation of episodes of the typical Narrative, Case Evidence, and Q&A. I prefer the narratives and sometimes skip the case evidence and Q&A episodes. Normally that is because I am so hooked I need to know what is going to happen next ASAP! Patience isn’t my strong suite! šŸ™‚ If you enjoy True Crime podcast, check it out and let me know what you think!

Favorite Fitness Product: TRX Home System

Andy and I moved to a new house in June, and now that we have more space we have slowly been working our way up to creating a home gym! For Christmas, my parents got us the TRX Home System.


I do HIIT Circuit classes a couple times a week at my gym that range from 50%-100% of the exercises using the TRX. I am so excited to now have one in my basement! If you haven’t used one, I highly recommend checking it out. It is such a versatile tool!

I am actually headed to Columbus this weekend to become a certified TRX instructor.
As I dive more into this area of Functional Fitness, I plan to share lots of TRX Workouts and basic overviews on the blog this year

Current Blessing: A New Year and Gratitude Journal

2018 was a crazy and fun year! Andy and I renovated our old house, sold said house, bought a new house, got promotions, planned a wedding, got married, and traveled! It was a busy yet amazing year that brought so many great memories!

We are so excited to head into a New Year, and right now we have our eyes set on our upcoming Cruise in January! In addition to the cruise, we also have plans for a hiking trip to Arizona, a getaway to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, and a possible trip to Dominican Republic. I also have a trip planned to go see my college roommate out in Lake Tahoe. I can’t wait to share all of these experiences with you all! If you have been to any of them, I would love to hear your recommendations. šŸ™‚

One of my own personal goals is to be more grateful for the opportunity to experience another year and each day within the year! Andy gave me the below journal to help me to focus on a daily faith check-in with five main pillars: Fuel, Active, In the Word, Thankful, and Habit of Prayer! I am so excited to dig in and start using this journal!

Questions of the Day:

  • Do you have any trips planned for 2019?
  • What are some of your personal goals and how do you plan to achieve them?
  • Have you ever used a TRX? How frequently?
  • What is your favorite at home piece of fitness equipment?

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