Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday #4

Welcome back for Tea Tuesday!

It has been a snowy start to the week here in Northwest Ohio! Today someone told me starting next week we aren’t supposed to get above freezing — needless to say I will be cozied up by the fireplace for the next couple of weeks and I will have one of three things in my hand: wine, coffee, or tea. 🙂

Featured Tea: Soothing Caramel 

The featured Tea of the Week is Sleepy Time Soothing Caramel Yogi Tea! For a while, I tried Chamomile tea right before I went to bed; however, it wasn’t something I loved the taste of, more just enjoyed the way it made me feel. Then, I saw this in the store and decided to give it a try! It has a soothing taste and is the perfect tea to drink about an hour before you go to bed. The smell and the taste send a shot of relaxation through me. Additionally, the tea bag has an inspiring quote attached to each tea. I think it is a great way to wind down for the day, enjoy a cup of tea, and reflect on what the quote means to you and your current season of life!

Favorite Listens:  Dirty John

Almost 6 months ago (or even more, I honestly can’t remember) I was going through a phase where I was trying to get more running in my workout routine. I couldn’t stay focused and listening to music just wasn’t cutting it for me. I went on the search for a new and engaging podcast that I could listen to and came across Dirty John. It was a suspense podcast, and even better, it was about a true store.

A  successful woman starts to date a man named John. Her children get a strange feeling about him and express their dislike; however, the story goes on to show how blind love can be at times.  John is a Conman and the woman ends up marrying him.  He becomes controlling, threatening, and her children begin to fear for both their lives and their mother’s life. I was instantly hooked and when it was over, I was incredibly sad. However, Bravo just announced they are going to do a short TV series on it! I recommend checking out the podcast and I can’t wait to watch the show! — Plus it has Connie Britton starring in it, and as a big Friday Night Lights fan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch her in a new TV Series.

Favorite Cookbook:  Skinny Taste: Light On Calories, Big on Flavor

If you ask Andy or any of my friends to describe my biggest personality trait, I can bet you 95% of them are going to respond with ‘She is a planner.” My favorite thing to plan each week is our meal plan. It’s a weekend tradition and allows me to (usually) do one stop at the grocery store for the full week and helps us to stay accountable to not eating out too often. I got my friend Erica the Skinny Taste Cookbook for her birthday this fall, and before I gave it to her I was looking through it and was hooked. The next time I was at the bookstore I picked one up for myself. I love SkinnyTaste’s website as she offers lots of great and healthy recipes, but the cookbook offered even more. There is also something about owning a cookbook that I love!  The cookbook does a great job on providing easy recipes that use typical everyday kitchen items. Plus the recipes are some of your favorites that are made with healthier ingredients and still taste delicious. This includes things like alfredo, buttermilk chicken, chicken parmesan, and more! I also just ordered her newest cookbook, Skinny Taste One and Done, and I can’t wait to try it out!

Favorite Activity: Design Workshops

Recently a local designer started to host different workshops in our area once a month, where she walks you through creating something fun, while you enjoy a glass of wine. I am just not crafty when it comes to decorating and design. There are so many people who see something special in the oddest pieces and know just how to utilize it in their home. Unless I am told how to use it, I walk right by those things wondering why anyone would ever purchase it!

The first time I went to a workshop it was a succulent workshop and we made this beautiful arrangement. I hated the log at first and wanted to take it out and she came around and put it exactly where it needed to go and I then loved it! It is such a nice addition to my reading room in our house and I love having fresh flowers and live plants around the house.


Last week, I attended another one and this one was a Thanksgiving Centerpiece arrangement. It used Magnolia leaves, which I thought were absolutely beautiful. It also incorporated Olive Leaves (some even had real olives), flowers, straw, mushrooms and more. The mushrooms alone were not cute to me. As the instructor Oooed and Ahhed over them I considered throwing them away when she wasn’t looking because I couldn’t see the beauty in them. I decided to give it a try, and I have to say it’s amazing how the little things we overlook can be so pretty in the bigger picture. This was my end result and I loved it! We gave it my mother-in-law for her birthday and it made a great centerpiece for our thanksgiving meal!



Current Blessing: Paying it Forward

On Thursday morning I realized  I forgot my French Press at work, so I headed to Biggby Coffee before we hit the road! I was pretty surprised when I got there and the line was abnormally long. When I pulled up to the window to get my coffee, I went to pay and the worker informed me that the person in front of me had paid for my coffee!! It is amazing how such a little thing can make a huge difference in your day! It was a great start to the Holiday Season and a nice little reminder that while the decorations, food,  presents, and more are fun, the true meaning of the Holiday Season is about being thankful and giving towards others!

Questions of the Day

  • Are you crafty or good at decorating your home?
  • What are you plans for this Holiday Season that involve giving back toward others?

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