Thanksgiving Recap and Total Body Circuit

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and Thanksgiving! After four days off, it was tough to get back in the swing of things at work. However, I welcomed the routine back after indulging in some festive foods over the Holiday break!

On Thursday, we headed back toward my hometown and met my mom and Aunt and Uncle at a Brazilian steakhouse called Tucanos Brazilian Steakhouse. On our honeymoon in Aruba, we visited Texas de Brazil. It was my first time at a Brazilian Steakhouse and I was hooked, especially with the amazing salad bar. While Tucanos was decent, it did not live up to my first experience. The meat was mediocre; however, I did enjoy the salad bar! Even my veggie hating husband liked the salad bar — but that may have been because they had Pasta and Alfredo, which Andy use to eat multiples times a week before I came into the picture! 🙂

On Friday, we headed down to Columbus to visit Andy’s family. We went to Nationwide Arena and watched the Columbus Blue Jackets play. It was our first game of the season and they walked away with a win!

Saturday was a big day in Columbus with the Michigan and Ohio State game going on. Andy, his mom, and myself snuck out of the house during the game to do some shopping since we knew half the city would be watching the game. I then had my first Cotsco experience! I could have walked the aisles for hours and was so excited to see some of the discounted prices on some of my favorite items in bulk! We then headed to the Morgan House Restaurant and Gift Shop to do some shopping. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend checking it out! They had some adorable Christmas decorations and the selection was big enough that you would still miss things after your third or fourth walk through!

That night we headed to the Columbus Zoo to see the lights! The weather was perfect and not cold at all! Afterwards, we met up with our friends Sam and Jenny and went to Pins in Dublin, which is now connected to 16 Bit. They had Bocee Ball, Ping Pong, Giant Jenga, Pinball, Miniature Bowling, Nintendo Games, and all of the classics. You honestly can’t get bored. We had only planned to stay for 2 hours and almost 5 hours later we were leaving!

It was a great weekend, and now it is time to head into the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! We put up our tree the week before Thanksgiving and it is our first year having a fireplace, so we have it decorated and our stockings hanging with care! We always have a fun time pulling out our ornaments and remembering the memories associated with each one!

Total Body Circuit Workout

While I did sneak in a workout on Friday morning, my body was needing some extra greens and a good workout to start the week!

This Circuit Workout consists of 4 Rounds and takes about 25 Minutes

Equipment Needed:

  • Set of Dumbbells
  •  Medicine Ball (Optional)

The first exercise in each round is done for 45 seconds and the 2nd exercise is done for 30.  Rest 10 seconds and then start the round over again. Do each round 4 times before moving on.  Rest for 1 minute between each round.

Round 1

  • Bicep Curls to Shoulder Press
  • Ball Toe Taps (If you don’t have a ball to use, a box or the air work too)

Round 2

Round 3

  • Bent Over Chest Fly
  • Burpees

Round 4

  • Plank Row
  • Jack Squat

Tabata Workout (2)

Questions of the Day

  • Have you decorated your tree yet? Are you more of a traditional or modern tree decorator?
  • Are you a Cotsco lover? What are your favorite things to get there?





Danielle Cerullo

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