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5 Tips To Stay Active This Winter

Snow days are officially here! 

Last weekend it snowed a bit here, but on Thursday morning we woke up to freezing rain, which then turned into snow and schools in the area were cancelled! While I hate driving in the snow, I will say if its going to be cold I like to see the beautiful snowflakes come down!

With the weather getting colder and the sunset coming earlier, it is easy to quickly lose the motivation to stay as active as you were in the summer.

I have definitely felt the impact to my motivation the last couple of weeks , and over time, I have learned when I am getting less fresh air and active movement my mood and energy levels are negatively impacted ! 

Here are some tips that help me stay active during the cold weather months!  

1. Find a Workout Partner

Before you stop reading this tip because you have heard this tip 100 times or you don’t have someone who can or will go workout with you consistently, give me a second to explain further!

Having a workout partner that you go to the gym with is fantastic and a huge help with motivation.  However, there are other ways to utilize a workout partner that you don’t go to the gym with everyday! 

Do you have a fitness loving friend who lives in a different city? I have a friend who lives in Columbus and we will send each other workouts that we have done that week. It may be as simple as writing down the exact moves or it may just be noting that we did Yoga and a Cardio Circuit that week. Sending workouts to your friends and vice versa and then checking in on how they liked the workout is a great way to gain some motivation. 

Maybe your workout partner is someone who is in your city, but you can only go to one or two classes a week together. Text that friend on Monday and ask her what classes she plans to attend that week. You may be at the same ones and you may not, but you can check in and see how the workout went, and if you are taking the same class later that week, that friend can give you insights on what to expect! My friend Mollie and I text each other almost every Monday to see each others workout class plans and the mornings after a workout we are texting each other talking about how the workout was and what muscles are sore. 

When your workout partner can be at the classes with you better yet! Just look for a workout partner who will keep you accountable, whether they are physically there with you every step of the way or 300 miles away! 

2. Find the Right Workout Time for You 

You will always hear that you have to carve out time to workout, but more importantly you have to carve out the right time. 

When I first started my full-time job, I signed up for a bunch of classes at my local Y. I was working 7-4 and the classes weren’t until 5:30. During that break I was going home and sitting on my couch. Once Winter came, my motivation to go back out in the cold was little to none. 

I started to go to another gym recently, where the classes are  scheduled at 4:30. I leave work and head straight there with no room for an excuse to skip. 

The point is to schedule out a time that works best for you and your schedule and/or motivation style. If you are a morning person (I am no where close to that) get up in the morning and get a 30 minute sweat session in before work. Does your work have a gym in it or nearby? Head over there during your lunch break or right after your work day! 

Take the time to figure out what workout times you are most likely to commit to consistently. 

3. Walk at Lunch

Utilize the free time you are given at lunch to go on a walk. 

You could go on a walk inside your office building or pack your hats and gloves and bundle up and go outside. You will be amazed at how warm it actually feels once you get moving and how much better you feel after some fresh air.

If you have coworkers that you are close to, encourage them to come with you everyday or a couple days a week. You could also use it as your alone time. Take in the air and reflect as you walk or bring your headphones and listen to some music or your favorite podcast. 

Another tip that makes this much more maintainable is to pack your lunch. You can use the first half of your lunch break to eat and the last half to go on a walk. If you are going out to eat, you are more so at the mercy of the restaurant’s time schedule. Plus by packing you can save money and pack healthier options 🙂  

4. Workout While You Watch TV

Andy and I binge watch TV the most in the winter months. 

If you have a treadmill/elliptical/bike in your house, this makes this one a lot easier. You can watch your favorite show while running or walking. 

However, if you do not have that convenience do some jumping jacks or lunges during commercial breaks. Make each commercial break a different exercise or two. 

Maybe you binge watch on a particular show or channel. Make a workout that is geared toward a common thing that happens or that show. I made one this Holiday Season for Hallmark Christmas Movies since that is my current binge choice. 

Enjoy your Netflix subscription but try to multi-task and make it as active as possible! 

5. Set Goals 

Set a specific goal for what you want to achieve that winter. 

Set a goal to do 50 push-ups without stopping, to hold a plank for 5 minutes straight, or accomplish doing 100 burpees in less then 10 minutes. Another idea is to sign up for a half-marathon to be ran in March or April and start your training in the winter months. 

Are you going on a Caribbean vacation this winter? My family loves cruises in the winter. Make it a goal to workout 3 times a week every week leading up to your vacation. 

Once you have your goal, write down a plan to achieve it this winter. Do you need to do a 30 day burpee challenge to get there? Are you going to do push-ups every day? 

Pick a goal or several and make it your cold weather project! 


While staying active this winter is important, you shouldn’t forget to take advantage of the cold. Spend a night in cuddled by the fire with hot chocolate, spend time with family play board games, or use a whole Saturday to read a good book! 


How do you stay active in the winter? 

Do you have any goals for the winter? 

What are you favorite activities to do inside on a cold winter day? 


Hope you all have a great weekend! 


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