Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday #3

Welcome back for Tea Tuesday!

The end of the year sure is flying by quick. It just hit me this morning that we are a little over a week away from Thanksgiving!

Andy and I were talking the other night on how quick these next couple months are going to go! Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it and then in January we are going on a cruise with both of our parents! We have lots of fun activities to look forward to in the coming months!

Getting into the good stuff. Here is the featured tea and some of my recent favorites!

Tea – Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf 

This Glazed Lemon Loaf  is one of those random teas that I stumbled upon at work one day. In our coffee bar, you will occasionally find boxes of tea people set out when they no longer want the tea or bought it and decided they didn’t like it! I decided to give this one a shot and instantly fell in love with it!

I went back and told my co-worker, who is trying to drink more tea, about it and encouraged him to try it! This was on a Monday. Fast forward to that Friday my co-workers asks me where that tea is and I have to admit I drank the whole box that week –Opps!

Anyways, that weekend I went out and bought more and took a bag in to share! In full honesty I have to tell you, he eagerly made his tea and later reported back that it tasted like butter!!! Everyone on my team then became curious and wanted to try it as well. The general consensus came back, that in fact did smell like butter to some but they didn’t think it tasted like butter! Everyone like the tea as well and found it very soothing but just not as lemony as they would expect!

Myself on the other hand, continues to be a huge fan and smell nor taste butter! It has the right sweetness for my afternoon sweet tooth and it has no caffeine if you are trying to cut back on your intake!

If you try it out, let me know if you think it tastes or smells like butter! 🙂

Favorite Watch: Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is my biggest guilty pleasure. Do 99% of the movies have the same generic plot and the most predicable ending? Does the snow look fake in every movie? Are they always cheesy love stories? … Yes.

But I also find myself smiling in every single movie, getting all the feels, and wanting to binge for hours.

While Andy has no problem admitting they are some of the corniest movies out there, he also gets sucked in just as easily and we find ourselves binge watching these over the weekends!

This year they even have an app so you can add the movies to you calendar and track the ones you have watched — I may or may not have it downloaded 🙂

If you are one that can binge on Hallmark movies too, but you also want to make sure you get in some active movement try out the below workout plan I created! 🙂

HallMark Movie Christmas Workout (1)

Favorite Find – Wet Brush  

Next up is one of my favorite beauty products currently – The Wet Brush!

I have always had tangled hair and I dread brushing my hair after a shower no matter how much conditioner I use! The night before my wedding my 2 MOH’s, Whitney and Mallory, stayed the night with me at the hotel — and yes the 3 of us all crammed into one bed to make it a legit slumber party!

Anywho – I forgot my hairbrush at the house and Whitney tossed me her hair brush! She raved about how great it was and boy was she right! I was instantly sold and got my own! I now find myself brushing my hair just for fun because I love it so much!

Weekly Blessing – Friendsgiving

As you may have seen on my Friday post, we hosted a Friendsgiving this weekend with 16 of our friends from work. Andy and I work at the same office; therefore, it is always event since they are mutual friends for us both! We enjoyed some nice wine, the ultimate meal, and some games before heading out to the Dueling Pianos fundraiser in town.

It is always nice to slow down and appreciate those that are around us and I personally love hosting those closest to us so I always look forward to events like these!

P.S My Turkey turned out juicy and delicious! If you are looking for a full-proof turkey recipe, this one was has yet to fail me.


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