Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday #2


Welcome back for the second edition of Tea Tuesday!

Can you believe it is November already? We ended October with some very rainy and gloomy days; however, these first couple of days in November have brought some beautiful fall weather! I am hoping it sticks around for a bit because I am not ready for the snow!

Featured Tea: Swan House Tea Room

This weeks feature is more of a Tea Adventure then one particular type of tea! My good friends, Whitney and Erica, came up to visit me this weekend and we went to a local tea room called the Swan House, which is one of my favorite Saturday activities!


Every Saturday they offer a Formal Tea that features a monthly food menu. This month’s menu included a Quiche Lorraine, Grape and Cheese Kebabs, Carrot Ginger Canape, Roasted Turkey Salad, Orange Cranberry Muffin, Cucumber Tea Sandwich, Date Bar, Pumpkin Cheesecake and the famous Swan Cream Puff, which is on the menu each month.  The Quiche was by far my favorite!

I also tried their seasonal Smore’s tea and Strawberries and Cream. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Smore’s tea compared to the Smore’s Chai Tea from David’s Tea; however, I loved the Strawberries and Cream!

We got so excited to eat, that I forgot to take a picture of the food until we were on the final tier, which was the desserts. Below is the dessert tier and also a picture of all 3 tiers from when we had my Bridal Shower their in July! It was a great Saturday afternoon with some great good and even better company.



Favorite  Listens – Serial 

I have recently been obsessed with the Podcast Serial. I listed to Season 1 of Serial when I was in college. For those not familiar, Season 1 was about Adnan Syed, who in 2000 was convinced of murder and continues to claim his innocence to this day. The podcast researched and covered the trial and I found myself constantly going back and forth on whether I thought he was innocent or not. When Serial Season 2 came out, I really couldn’t get into it; however, this year Season 3 came out and is covering the Cleveland Criminal Justice System over a series of cases. Once again, I am completely engaged and on the edge of me seat with the podcast. I love when I have a long drive so I can binge on this series!

Favorite Finds – Happy Everything 

A bit back I was out doing some shopping around town and came across this adorable pitcher vase shown below. I loved how it said ‘Happy Everything’ and purchased it right away for my dining room table. Recently I was able to fill it with some beautiful fall flowers that Andy got me! 🙂



I had no idea ‘Happy Everything’ was actually a brand until we got a Happy Everything ‘Mini’ Bowl and a Mr. and Mrs. Attachment as a wedding gift. I won’t lie at first I thought the Mr. and Mrs. Attachment was a coaster, but once I figured it out I became obsessed with searching through all of the attachments and recently purchased this adorable Chevron Pumpkin one for the fall! I love how it is something so simple but adds a nice little seasonal touch to our house!


Weekly Blessing – Church Cook Book 

To wrap up the week, it is time for my favorite blessing. Last week, we had to say goodbye to my grandma after she lived a beautiful 85 years. My grandmother and I have always been very close and she was known for being extremely ornery and having the most contagious laugh in the town. About 4 years ago, she had a stroke and lost a lot of her short term memory but she continued to be as ornery as possible. The first time she met Andy she told him she still stuffed her bra and reached in and pulled out her inhaler! HAHA! Needless to say she was a good time!!

Before my grandma had her stroke, the ladies of the church I grew up in gathered recipes to create a cook-book for the church and for some reason the project got put on hold. However, when I went home for the service I found that they recently had put the cookbook together and it featured several of my grandmother’s recipes! The timing of it was perfect and I can’t wait to try a few of them out – especially the Apple Cake!


Question Of The Day

  • Do you have a favorite  food your Grandma makes and has she shared her secret recipe with you?


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great rest of your week and tune in at the end of the week for a new post!









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