Welcome to my blogging journey!

I having been telling my husband, Andy, for over a year now how I would love to start a blog! After things slowed down after our wedding in September, I once again started talking about how it was a dream of mine and then I followed it with continuous doubts of why I shouldn’t do it. He finally looked at me and said ” Just start your blog already. How are you ever going to know if you are good at it, if you never try?”

A week later, I decided to go for it and here we are 🙂

I am using this blog as a creative outlet since I have never been able to excel in music or art. I hope you follow along in this journey and take the time to read a few posts here and there!

Stay tuned for my ‘Tea Tuesday’ post this week that will take time to reflect on my weekend, share a few of my current favorite things, and highlight one of my favorite teas.

Hope you all have a great week!

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